Bull City Rumble 2012

Vintage Motorcycles for the win. The Bull City Rumble is a motorcycle/scooter rally that is truly unique. If you are into old bikes from other countries, get your ass to Durham, NC Labor Day weekend. Japanese, German, and British bikes from as far back as WWII, in a full spectrum from OEM restored to truly custom. After hanging out at the 2012 rally for a bit, and talking with the Honda wrenchers, I went home and finished a procrastinated fuel tank job on my bike and took it for it's first official ride beyond the edges of my neighborhood and into the greater Alamance/Orange County area. Thanks, Bull City Rumble!

All images shot with the Canon 5DII and the 'Nifty-Fifty' 50mm lens. My favorite is the one I call, 'Satisfaction.'


UPDATE: If anyone reading this is in NC and has a badass old bike that they want to have photographed, or be photographed with, hit me up in the comments or Contact Page. I'd like to get a project going on the folk who like to work on these old beauties.