62/365: Day's End.62/365: At Day's End.

I'm happy to say I had this image in my head before we left the house to walk the dog. Late in the day, the light was just beginning to creep thru the clouds as the back of the Front passed over our town. Wifey turned toward the West...I snapped away.

I love the Canon 5D Mark II, can I just say that? Love/hate may be a better description, but for now I'll tell you why I love this camera. You can shoot at a high ISO (which is the digital equivalent of film speed, aka light sensitivity) and the digital noise that has plagued every other camera I've ever used is GONE. On my previous camera, you got a nasty digital noise in the underexposed areas at any ISO 800 or higher. Even looking at scientific tests, ISO 800 has almost the same noise as ISO 200 on this 5dmkII. And when you go high enough to start seeing it, it really looks a lot like the film grain that you got when shooting high speed black and white film, a 'salt and pepper' chemical grain that really looked damn good. Pop a 50mm 1.2 manual focus lens and set the camera to shoot in black and white, and go out in the dark. The pictures will be fine. Especially if you are totally OVER sharpness.