I have tried for years to write the perfect About Page. I am convinced that it will never happen.

I will often mention my last ten years owning and operating a video production company, Cirque Productions. This only makes sense, because that dominated my life for most of that time, and taught me more than I could ever imagine about production, business, and working with people from all around the world. I might even harp on those things I learned to show you that I may be just the man for your job. But then I would negate any professionalism I might try to endorse by using a creepy animated GIF as my picture. Trust me, I would.

I think it better to tell you about what defines me, and one of those things would be hiking in the outdoors. It was a 5-month thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail that led my life onto a path that meandered well beyond Katahdin, toward a life with my wife, my business, cross-country cycle trips, a documentary or three, up the slopes of Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the High Sierras of the West, and now back towards the little tract of land where I was born, in what some might call the middle of nowhere.

It's not really the middle of nowhere; I've been there several times and there's even less people than our quaint little neck of the woods holds, but Los Angeles, New York, it is also, not. I have debated living in these places, I have visited them and worked there. I see the work of some of my colleagues that live in these cities and I find myself jealous; jealous of their varied and fresh subject matter, the seemingly endless supply of beautiful people, the clothes and fashion, the clients and accounts. I then wonder if I could publish a book of photographs of good-looking people sitting in cars in the desert, because lord knows there's plenty of those photos out there. Bonus points for lens flare.

I have thought about living in these cities, or others like them, and I tell you good people, it just won't do. I've decided that my passion for photography, my pursuit of iconic and compelling images, will walk in step with my need to live as I was born, as a country boy. I will travel when I can, when the job, or the mountains, or an old freight train calls, but I will always come back to my home in the country. I will continue to be a 'people person,' even if I am truly a hermit at heart. I will walk the sidewalks in the sun, even if my soul is in the fields, in the rain.