11/365: Web Sight11/365: Web Sight

One from the archives tonight, didn't have the time or the gear to do the idea that was in my head. My personal 365 project rules don't stipulate that I take each day's photo THAT day, and I have wanted to share this one for a bit. I can't top yesterday's bee shot, but of course working with live subjects is a bit more challenging. Such divas. Hit the jump for more pics too.

One night last in September I saw this girl as I pulled into my driveway. Yes, it was big enough to see from my car. I love/hate spiders. Find 'em fascinating. Can't touch them. Please dear god don't make me touch them. I felt ginger enough getting this close, but she seemed content enough with the moth I tossed her. Yes, I can touch moths. And throw them too.

Strobist info: one speedlight camera left aimed at spider's belly, full cut CTO. Second speedlight camera right and sort of behind the spider, about 5 feet in front of camera, blue gel.

Here's a few more, with bigger moth feeding as well.