28/365: Amerigo Vespoochie28/365: Amerigo Vespoochie

WOW. I really called it that. Really? I couldn't help myself. It's WAY late tonight for this post, well into the 29th. Stayed up till 5:30am yesterday, finishing a draft of a DVD for a client, so my day started late today anyway. And as friend just reminded me, its 11 where he's at. But damn it was hard to think of a shot this late in the eve.  I just walked around the house for 30 mins trying to find something interesting to shoot, but not too complicated to light. American flag? Sure! Sleeping dog? Why not?

Strobist Info: one speedlight in Orbis ringflash, which also commands a second flash in group b, justin-clamped to my shelf and outfitted with a Honl speedgrid. Could I get anymore stroby? It was all manual, so prolly not.

It's just too cute to let be I'm afraid. It's like I was trying to shoot one of those ridiculous posters Angela from The Office is so fond of. In direct opposition to this shot is the ACTUAL shot I came away with today, whilst walking through Chapel Hill with only my camera and a 50mm lens. Didn't post it to the front, as it wasn't a Strobist pic, but it's my favorite from the day. Kinda morbid, perhaps, but I've been known to shoot this stuff before. Don't know why I'm attracted to making pictures of this particular subject matter, but it may have something to do with my love of composting. Or maybe I'm that kid from 'American Beauty.' Wait, that can't be it, I don't shoot bags. Hit the jump, I promise it ain't that bad.

This Rotten Life

Don't know why, but I like this shot. Sorry it's gross, but there's some good lines in there. See you tomorrow.