305/365: Pretty City.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a few sleepless days in Boston with some friends of mine, The And Company. This is the band of one of my musician buddies from NC, who now lives up there and dresses in blue makeup for his day job. He's part of a group...of men...that are blue...you do the math.

Anyway, The And Company is the band he plays in when he's not blue, and I'm not sure if I'm more jealous of his bandmates Alle and Mally because they get to play with him, or if I'm more jealous of him that he gets to play with THEM...either way, they are some amazing musicians and people, and I had the great fortune to be asked to generate some art/photography/design for their upcoming studio album Look Up. Flew up to Boston to shoot for a few days as per the theme of the music, and get some band images, and generally enjoy the company of good folks and good beer. Some of these images may make it into the final album art, or not, (that's the work that lies ahead of me, the design), but either way, I had a good time and came back with some decent stuff.

As usual, the above panoramic is zoomable if you click on it, and click again on the new image.