334/365: Orange, Leather and Box.

Man. Been staring at this computer screen WAY too much today. No more than usual, actually, but my eyes are really starting to get tired. Glad I could get a post up today!

Got this old Polaroid off eBay for $25 bucks. It may be one of the most awesome camera designs EVER. Leather exterior, folds up into a little purse-looking device with a leather handle, which feels like you could whack someone across the noggin with pretty good. Folded open, it has this old-school size and weight that just makes modern DSLRs feel like disposable cameras. Unfortunately, Polaroid doesn't make the film for this camera anymore, and unlike the pack film for my old 104 Land Camera, Fuji doesn't make a replacement either. So this camera could be just for decoration, a conversation piece on the mantle. However, I have found a hack online, which can, using man's greatest invention, convert this old clunker into a wide-format 120 film camera. That's right, I'm talking about LEGOS. At some point, I'll pull the trigger and do the hack, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Picture above taken with a disposable Canon 5D Mark2, 1/160 sec shutter, f/8, ISO 800, 70mm. Lit with a Canon 580ex2 in an Orbis Ringflash Adaptor.