340/365: My Loves.

I try to be a good editor when culling photos for the blog, but I know it's a discipline I often fail at. I try not to select images that might have emotional merit only for myself, but how could I resist this one, my two girls sitting patiently, waiting to play a opening gig for Buzzround, at the best bar in Boone, Klondike. I recall the night fondly, we rocked, Buzzround rocked, and there was a exquisitely drunk fellow that couldn't believe that a girl could play drums as well as Bri can (in her sleep.) With our Editor Hat on, we are supposed to evaluate a picture based on it's potential weight to the unfamiliar eye; we cannot allow  the memory of the experiences that brought forth the image to weigh in our estimation of a photograph's strength.  This one does have enough raw information going for it I think, the lines, the vacant off-camera look on Bri and Rita's faces... But that's also a Magic Hat #9, more than likely my own Magic Hat #9, on the table, and that settles it. So much love in one shot...Consider it posted.