344/365: Wrath of Raven.

I knew Coyote's antics would bring down the pain somehow. Of course it would be his old frenemy, Raven, who may indeed be the original Trickster, depending on who's mythology you subscribe to. He may have even created the world, or freed mankind from a clamshell, or at least given us the sun. Yes, I think that was it, he stole the sun and gave it to Man, or something to that effect...Whatever his original claim to fame, it must have been a mighty long time ago, because his aspirations seem a little less lofty nowadays. These days, he's content to ride a fell Nordic wind around the earth, or maybe an old Triumph, looking to right minor wrongs as he encounters them. Drought got your crops limp? Raven brings the rain-pain. Stop light on the fritz downtown? Old Crow directs traffic till they get'er working again. Splinter in your foot? Jesus, man, the guy can only be in one place at a time. Quit whining.

But it looks like Coyote has ruffled the feathers of Raven with an old .22 and an overly aggressive sense of Fowlitcide. Now, like Washington, he's coming. I know as animal spirits and  fellow denizens of the shadow world, they have a certain responsibility to be cordial with one another, and indeed, they have been friends before.  But all past loyalties aside, Coyote seems to have really pissed off the Bird, and it looks cloudy on the horizon, not a good sign. Demigod versus demigod in a...what, fight to the death? I dunno, never seen how these cats roll. Huh, cats. I guess that's one thing they'd probably agree on...that I shouldn't refer to them as cats.