41/365: The Strip41/365: Water on the Strip

Hoping to get some night shots on our last evening in Vegas, Joe and I ventured out. It was only drizzling at the time, but we had dinner reservations at Tom Keller's Bouchon, so I was only able to get a couple good shots as we hustled down the Strip to the Venetian...

As you may know, my friend Joe here writes his own blog, Taste On Tour. The dinner was very good, and will be featured in one of his upcoming posts. You'll get to see more pics of the tastiness then.

Well, after dinner, the rain was really pouring. I wanted to grab some more shots, but instead we grabbed a cab and headed back to meet up with our crew and watch more money disappear in the magic game of 'Shits' or 'Poops' or whatever it's called. Didn't even click the shutter today during the travels home. But it's good to be back, I will say. Goodnight all.