57/365: A Bunch of Horseshit.57/365: A Bunch of Horseshit.

I've been looking at a lot of 'lifestyle' photography lately, which is, as far as I can gather, a combination of documentary and fashion photography. Instead of putting the gorgeous people in studio settings, you take them outside and let them frolic around, or maybe make them play bingo inside a Swiss chalet. Make sure they wear comfortable but fashionable clothes, and it's ok if the clothes don't quite match the activity. Let them hold a surfboard or a golf club, even if they've never touched either before. 'Lifestyle' is as good a name as any; the images make you want to live like them, and frolic with them in their wizardly perfectness.

Thing is, I love the way the photos look. There's some common elements: a lot of natural backlight (usually a no-no), interesting colors, dynamic activity, flare, vignetting, etc. It looks good enough for me to want to try out myself.

I may not have any gorgeous models willing to pose with guitars (that they can't play) in feather hats and underwear and boots (that they don't own) on wooden benches near the beach (that they've been paid to fly to), but I do have a gorgeous wife that has a real garden and a real pitchfork which she routinely wields without a camera around, turning real horseshit into that garden for the spring plantings. Now that's some REAL lifestyle shit man. I still really like the style though, so I gotta give props where they are due.

This was shot in natural light, obviously the sun is behind her, which I bounced back at her with a large silver reflector, to even out the exposure a bit. Check the sweet shoes too. She owns them, even.

Happy Horse shit!