76/365: Happy St. Patrick's Day.76/365: Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Leon goes outside looking for a four-leaf clover. Leon spends ten minutes looking, gets frustrated, gives up. Leon asks his wife, who he suspects has a knack for such things, to look for him. She goes outside, comes back in one minute, with four-leaf clover.

Leon is happy, and wants to take picture, but takes nap instead. Clover dries out. Later, Leon sends wife out again to find more, which she does, two more, bigger, in 5 minutes. Leon takes picture this time, with a shot of Jameson.

Normally I stick to whiskey from the nearest island, Scotland, but it's St. Patrick's Day.

This shot is dedicated to all my Chimmy Chummy Gentleman Supper Club Whiskey Drinkers. You know who you are. And if you don't, I've assembled your mug shots: