81/365: The Creep at the Back of the Bus.81/365: The Creep at the Back of the Bus.

Shot for an hour on my bus, for a potential collection later. I was trying to find something good to do in black and white in all the shots I had taken, but the thing about the bus is that it looks much better in color, even the interior. So I staged a scene I thought might be interesting...but it wasn't. Until I took it into photoshop and cut loose.

Sometimes you just have to embrace the manipulation. For most of these last 81 days, I have avoided overt photoshoppping beyond that which made the pictures better. In most cases, I like to try to get the image right in the camera, and add a bit of punch or whatever a photo may need in Photoshop and/or Aperture. But sometimes I need more, and I'll let the photo head in a graphic, almost illustrative direction. For this one I added textures, selective blurs, and pushed pixels around. Made the border with different brushes in photoshop. Turned out pretty creepy. I like creepy.