114/365: W Welcomes You.114/365: W Welcomes You.

Spring is here, if a bit on the chilly side for damn-near May. Not too chilly for most of the flowers to reemerge though, and they are coming along nicely. I noticed the entrance to our vegetable garden looked especially inviting, welcoming, this year, with the sage blooming in the whiskey barrel, the two clematises really going great guns, and or course the xmas lights that we leave up all year...

This was taken after dusk, on a tripod, with a long exposure, I think 13-20 sec for this one. As the shutter was open, I walked around the scene and manually popped flashes with a 580ex2, gelled with a full cut CTO to balance with the tungsten white balance in camera (this makes the sky go uber-blue, see the technique here). You can see one flare from said flash on the left edge of frame.