144/365: Half Dome.144/365: Half Dome.

Ah, finally back and able to catch up on the 365 blog. I'm in the hole about 6 days now, but the internet in Yosemite Valley was not the best, and I was too busy shooting to be posting anyway. The weather cooperated for the most part, not too much rain, but still a decent smattering of clouds in the sky, which was essential for the main thing we were there to shoot: Timelapses. An azure, cloudless sky around a giant granite monolith is pretty boring over a 20 second timelapse; much better to see some clouds whipping through the sky around it. One I get these timelapses processed I'll post a short video, but for now, I've channeled my inner Ansel Adams once again for a very typical emulation of his style AND subject matter. That there, is a big hunk o' rock. You can peep the larger version here.