204/365: Roadside Advertisement.

I prefer the British pronounciation here: Ad-VER-tiz-ment. Another great thing to do with plastic cameras is to shoot film that is meant to be processed in one particular chemical process and ask to have processed in another at the lab, which is called Cross-Processing, or X-Pro. This makes the colors do weird things, but the plastic lens isn't exaclty color-accurate to begin with, so why not? With the Holga and Diana, it's all about measured experimentation anyway. Often this is a good option if you get your hands on some expired film, which in theory has lost some of it's color accuracy. On eBay I picked up a plethora of expired E-6 film, which processes in E-6 chemistry and creates a postive film transparency, like slide film. To cross-process, I take it to the lab and just tell them to process it in normal color negative chemistry, C-41 (I don't say all the dorky numbers, I just tell them cross-process it). It comes out as a funky-colored negative. And there is much rejoicing.