50/365: Out of Gas50/365: Out of Gas

There's an old auto repair garage right on I-40 near my house. I don't know how long it's been out of commission, but it looks like a long damn time. I love the building, it sits on a hill overlooking the exit ramps and the highway, and I often dream of what it would be like to convert it into a studio. Then I went in it, and the idea of a conversion fell through the multiple cracks in the wall, the kind that spilt cinder block walls along their mortar seams, and even right through the blocks. The kind that a sinking foundation causes.

Well, it still makes for interesting photos. I shot this round of photos (www.doublelgphotos.squarespace.com) sometime last year. The top shot shot was very rich with texture and detail, as HDR can be, but I wanted a tilt/shift treatment for a dreamy feel, so it's been processed quite a bit. Here's some other favorites from the day.

Here's to 50 days down!