51/365: Fixer Upper51/365: Fixer Upper

Went for a walk in the woods first thing today... Took the camera with a 50mm lens attached and the heavy tripod, hoping that I'd find something good to give the old HDR treatment to. As the walk went on, and the dog went wild, and I got more and more tired (no coffee at this point yet), I began to question why I was doing this stupid 365 project in the first place. I hated HDR, there's no way to take a good HDR photo in the wintery woods, everything will just come out too detailed and there will be no focal point, and it all looks the same, but of course that's cause I suck and shouldn't ever have taken on this idea, it's so stupid, oh why did I start this stupid blog, now I'm just pumping out a daily supply of mediocrity and tripe and no one gives a fark and today will be even WORSE and I need coffee something fierce or I may pass out in these leaves...

I took a couple images of some shelf fungi, nothing amazing at all, but enough to make me feel satisfied with having taken the whole rig 3 miles into the woods. We walked back, and crossed the last broken bridge by the swamp near out house. As my wife put the dog on the leash, I noticed the old bicycle in the shallows. I see it every time. This time, it turned out to be a photograph. Made it all worth it, even If I didn't really have to walk for an hour to find it.