52/365: Piano Innards52/365: Piano Innards

Another day where the light was gone before I got around to shooting anything. Had been thinking this could be a cool shot, so I tried it. Put a flashlight in a small plastic diffusor into my old upright piano (a gift from some friends, thanks Randy and Lara), and aimed the camera inside. As usual, the HDR processing left the image looking a little flat, but the texture was greatly enhanced, so I boosted up the contrast and dropped the saturation in Photoshop.

Thanks for the words of encouragement on yesterday's post, and all those before. It helps a lot to know you folks are out there, even if my original intention was just to get better through practice...it makes me very happy when I hear my friends and total strangers tell me they dig a photo. Not to worry, I'm in this thing for the long haul, but someday's are better than others. I think the HDR theme is a little less inspiring to me in general, because I don't get to sculpt and play with the light as much, plus the extra post-processing time is all I need, seeing that my entire day is spent in front of this screen already.

I have a list of other themes/techniques/assignments that I'd like to try out, but before I divulge said list, I'm wondering, do any of you have a suggestion for an upcoming theme? I'm open to a range of ideas, anything from the straightforward "Black and White" to something more abstract, like "Dreams."

Thanks again, hope everyone had a lovely weekend.