63/365: Near Empty Filler.63/365: Near Empty Filler.

Today was another day of work and obligations pushing my daily photo to the wayside (Notice it's night, again). On top of a meeting, some editing, and working out, we had to drive two hours back home to Ayden, NC to load a 400 lb. woodstove into our trailer, then drive it two hours back to Mebane. Towing that big bastard really ate up the gas, and we cruised into the gas station at our exit with the 'FEED ME' light on and piercingly bright.

This image has been run through the Digital Darkroom, and given a treatment that supposedly mimics the look of a Lith print, which is a traditional darkroom technique that involves over-exposing the paper, then under-developing the print with a lith developer. Apparently the results vary, and no two prints come out alike. Having never done a real Lith print, I'm claiming no expertise on that, but I love grainy, diffuse images, and said effects can be achieved with just a few layers in Photoshop and some taste with the heaviness of the manipulation. Here's one of my favorites from the past that I used this treatment on, taken at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.