163/365: Plowin' Weather.163/365: Plowin' Weather.

Pardon the interruption. Sometimes doing this 365 Project is a bit of a P.I.T.A., and I don't mean with falafel and hummus. It's tremendously helpful in terms of the commitment to craft and keeping the vision muscle exercised, but life can get in the way and before I know it, I'm way behind. Like, six days behind...more pics after the jump.

So please forgive the brief interlude to the Story of Coyote, and allow me to share a small set of photos that I took yesterday. The weather was descending on Mebane, NC, with a dramatic flare normally reserved for method actors. I wanted to see how much drama I could milk out of single exposures, so while these pictures may look like they've received an HDR treatment, that's not really the case, at least, not in the sense of combining three separate exposures and tonemapping to generate contrast. Rather, these are all single frames that I then processed and reprocessed and burned and dodged and sharpened and all the fun stuff that people used to do in the darkroom before Photoshop. I hope you like.


164/365: Lowes on the Last Day.164/365: Lowes on the Last Day.



165/365: All those Tanks.165/365: All those Tanks.



166/365: Summer Comes.166/365: Summer Comes.


167/365: Summer Keeps Coming.167/365: Summer Keeps Coming.


168/365: Exit Weather.168/365: Exit Weather.