169/365: Coyote Whisper.169/365: Coyote Whisper.

There's a thing about Coyote that you should know. It's not just pranks with him. That's small stuff. He can get in your head, convince you to do things, for his gain, or just entertainment. And you know that's what he's doing, you know you should be smarter by now, but there's something about that Coyote Whisper. It was Coyote's idea, this blog. He got me jacked, convinced me I was good enough to do it, that people would dig it and I would become a overnight success and the world would know my name. Vanity, his favorite sin.

Thing is, he never mentioned how hard it would be to come up with a new picture to post everyday. He never mentioned the obsession. The time spent thinking about it, not wanting to think about it, the time spent in front of the computer, a life in front of screens, though I like spending a lot of in front of paper too, photography books and prints. He tricked me into more than I bargained for, and I'm pretty sure it was just so he could get his mug on the internet. Or to watch me suffer. Considering recent research on the subject, he may in fact be some sort of a pusherman. Gimme more Dopamine.

But Coyote is smarter than you think. Sometimes he does something to teach you a lesson, or give you a gift, albeit often in disguise. This project, though disjointed, is teaching me a lot, and giving me a chance to really explore different visual styles, which is important to me as an artist. As time-consuming and challenging as this thing can be, I think it's important try to challenge yourself no matter what level you think you're at.

Is that what Coyote wanted me to learn? He'll probably be leaving me an Upper Decker tomorrow, so, you know, your guess is as good as mine.