190/365: Heartless Bastards190/365: Heartless Bastards.

On Friday night I saw one of the best shows I have seen in a long, long time. Heartless Bastards, at the Cat's Cradle. Been a fan of them for awhile now, since I heard them on All Songs Considered, then they played a show with the Avetts and my buddy Joe said it was a rocking good time. Well, having cranked their most recent album altogether too often, getting the chance to see them throw it down live was a real treat. And goddamn, they did not disappoint. In fact they blew my fucking mind. They are doing nothing new, it's the same 1-4-5s that all guitarists learn in their first year (well, it's more complicated than that I guess), but damn, it just rocks so hard that. You. Can't. Stop. Bopping. Your. Head. Check them out live if you want your face melted off.