201/365: Bull Moon Ride!191/365: Bull Moon Ride!

Went for nice night ride last night. The Habitat for Humanity Bull Moon Ride, in Durham, NC. Eighteen miles thru the city, with 1000 or so other riders. Really great time, for a good cause. I had high ambitions for covering the event photographically, but I came away from it thinking last night was more like research for next year's coverage...it was hard! I was having a blast riding for sure, and using the Xtracycle, I had more photo equipment on me than has ever been on a single bicycle, I think. But it was cumbersome. And the pack was moving fast, so trying to stop and take photographs kept me falling futher and further back in the line. I did stop a few times, and with an off-camera flash rigged to my bike and fired via wireless IR from my on camera flash, I grabbed this shot in front of Duke Chapel, one of ther loop points. If you live around the Triangle of NC, and you enjoy a good ride, check it out next year.